Hello! my name is Darrell and I use UI & UX design to make companies look and perform better.

Visual, UI, UX, Branding


Mandala is a cryptocurrency and digital asset exchange designed with users front of mind, spurring adoption and ensuring market participants can enhance their understandings of market dynamics and their experiences.

Visual, UI, UX, Branding

Fangirl Sports Network

FGSN is a site where fans will can get a knowledgeable, passionate, and humorous look at their favorite professional teams. I was tasked to overhaul the branding as well as their current website.

Visual, UI, UX, Branding


1:face has been a long time and very successful client, which has seen incredible growth to be the #1 charity watch brand in America. My job was to do everything from create the visual brand, to build landing pages and promotional materials.